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On the whole, /such a conclusion can be drawn/ with a certain degree of confidence, /but only if the child can be assumed to have had the same attitude/ towards the test/as the others/ with whom he is being compared,/and only if he was not punished/ by lack of relevant information/which they possessed.



:As a major developing country, China attaches great importance to the bilateral relations between China and the U.S.

Behaviorists suggest that/the child/ who is raised in an environment/ where there are manystimuli/ which develop his or her capacity for appropriate response/ will experience greater intellectual development.


The Greeks assumed that/ the structure of language had some connection with the process of thought,/which took roots in Europe/ long before people realized/ how diverse languages could be.


Prior to the twentieth century,/women in novels were stereotypes/ of lacking any features/ that made them unique individuals and/ were also subject to numerous restrictions/imposed by the male-dominated culture.


Aluminum remained unlrnown until the nineteenth century,/because nowhere in nature is it found free,/owing to its always being combined with other elements,/most commonly with oxygen,/for which it has a strong affinity.


They (the poor) are the first to experience technological progressl as a curse/ which destroys the old muscle-power jobs/ that previous generations used as a means to fight their way out of poverty.


This assumption rests on the fallacy/ of the inherent laziness in human nature; actually, /aside from abnormally lazy people,/there would be very few /who would not want to earn more than the minimum,/and who would prefer to do nothing /rather than work.

European's today, like Americans 200 years ago, seek a world where strength does not matter so much, where unilateral action by nations is forbidden and where all nations regardless of their strength are protected by commonly agreed rules of behavior.



:Mr. He Zhenliang was elected a member of the International Olympic Committee in 1981, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee in 1985 and vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee in 1989, which showed that the cooperation between the International Olympic Committee and China had entered a new stage.

The number of the young people/ in the United States/ who can't read/ is incredible/ about one in four.


Television,/it is often said,/keeps one informed about current events,/allowing one to follow the latest developments /in science and politics,/and offers an endless series of programs /which are both instructive and entertaining.


With the conclusion of a burst activity, /the lactic acid level is high in the body fluids, /leaving the the large animal vulnerable to attack/ until the acid is reconverted,/via oxidative metabolism,/by the into glucose, /which is then sent (in part )back to the muscles for glycogen resynthesis.


Although Gutman admits that/forced separation by sale was frequent,/he shows that the slaves' preference,/revealed most clearly on plantations /where sale was infrequent,/was very much for stable monogamy.


This preference for exogamy,/Gutman suggests,/may have derived from West African rules/governing marriage, /which,/though they differed from one tribal group to another, /all involved some kind of prohibition against unions with close kin.



Even when we turn off the beside lamp/ and are fast asleep, /electricity is working for us,/driving our refrigerators, /heating our water, /or keeping our rooms air-conditioned.

Taking the train,/the two friends arrived in Berlin in late October 1922,/and went directly

to the address of Chow En-Lai.


The farmer of 1800, /using a hand sickle, /could hope to cut a fifth of a hectare of wheat/

a day.


When Chow En-Lai's door opened/ they saw a slender man/ of more than average height/ with gleaming eyes/ and a face so striking/ that it bordered on the beautiful.



Ignoring the chair offered him, /Chu Teh stood squarely/ before this youth more than ten years his junior/ and in a level voice told him/ who he was.



Studies by Hargrave and Geen estimated natural community grazing rates/ by measuring feeding rates of individual zooplankton species in the laboratory/and then computing community grazing rates for field conditions/ using the known population density of grazers. :由哈格雷夫和吉恩所进行的研究,对自然条件下的群落捕食速率进行了估算,其手段是通过测量出



But/achieving necessary matches/ in physical properties/ across interfaces/ between living

and nonliving matter/ requires/ knowledge/ of which molecules control the bonding of cells

to each other/-an area/ that we have not yet explored thoroughly.




The classroom was cleaned by the student.


The spare parts can be produced in the short period of time.


The enemies were attacked by us.


The old lady was killed by the young man.


The oil is used as perfume.


This computer is treated as human's friend.


When the whale is killed, it can be stripped out on the shore.

Today/ this treasury of silt is trapped behind the dam,/and there is no effective system. :现在,宝贵的泥沙却让水坝给拦住了,也没有了有效的系统。

Yet/the Nile has been changed by modern man/ in ways/ not yet fully understood.


Because it is very slippery, /it is used for lubrication.


Vegetable oil has been known/ from antiquity.


When the crude oil is obtained from the field,/it is taken to the refinery/ to be treated. The commonest form of treatment is heating.When the oil is heating,/the first vapors to rise are cooled/ and become the finest petrol. Petrol has a low boiling point;/if a little is poured into the hand,/it soon vaporized. Gas/that comes off the oil later/ is condensed into paraffin. Last of all/the lubricating oils of various grades are produced. What remains is heavy oil/ that is used as fuel.


It is not known/ how this resemblance is, /or whether/ it is most often seen in inclusions of silicates such as garnet, /whose crystallography is generally somewhat similar to that of diamond;/but when present, /the resemblance is regarded as compelling evidence/that the diamonds and inclusions are truly co genetic.


A long-held view of the history of English colonies/ that became the United States/ has been that/ England's policy toward these colonies before 1763/ was dictated by commercial interests/ and that a change to a more imperial policy, /dominated by expansionist militarist objectives,/generated the tensions /that ultimately led to the American Revolution.


More probable is transported by birds, /either externally,/by accidental attachment of the seeds to feathers, /or internally, /by the swallowing of fruit and/ subsequent excretion of the seeds.



It may seem strange/ to put an industrial revolution and two political revolutions into the same packet. /But/ the fact is that/ they were all social revolutions.


Two things are outstanding/ in the creation of the English system of canals,/and they characterize all the Industrial Revolution.


The canals were arteries of communications: /they were not made to carry pleasure boats, /but barges.


James Brindley was a pioneer/ in the building of canals or,/as it was then called ‘navigation’.


We refer to libro as books in Spanish.


After World War I,/the imperialists stepped up their aggression against China/ while the Northern Warlord Government resorted to compromise and capitulation externally/ and to ruthlessly oppression of the people internally./The government called out troops and policemen/ to suppress the movement/ and over thirty students were arrested.


If parents were prepared for this adolescent reaction,/and realized that/ it was a sign that/ the child was growing up/ and developing valuable powers of observation and independent judgment, /they would not be so hurt, /and therefore would not drive the child into opposition/by resenting and resisting it.


Insects would make it impossible for us to live in the world;/they would devour all our crops/and kill our flocks and herds,/if it were not for the protection/ we get from insect-eating animals.



When the reply came a few months later/they were enrolled as full member,/but Chu's

More than eight years have passed since Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping and I joined hands to establish full diplomatic relations between these two great nations.


I was like that ship/before my education began,/ only I was without compass or sounding-line,/and had no way of thinking/ how near the harbor was.


A flicker of disappointment and depression passed over Clyde's face


Chow was a quiet and/ thoughtful man.



In the 21st century people will have new opportunities to utilize and explore the ocean.

When I finally succeeded in making the letters correctly, /I was flushed /with childish pleasure and pride.


In the days that followed/ I learned to spell/ in this uncomprehending way/ a great many words,/among them...


Gradually the river grows wider, the banks recede, the water flow more quietly,in the end, without any visible break,they become merged in the sea, and painlessly lose their individual being.


He tried to piece the broken vase together in vain.


Europeans believe that they are moving beyond power into a self-contained world of laws and rules and transnational negotiation and cooperation.



China is speeding up the establishment of a relatively perfect export control system of non-proliferation.

Taking his cue from Ibsen's A Doll's House, /in which the heroine, /Nora, /leaves home/ because she resents her husband's treating her like a child, /the writer Lu Xun warned that/




He wished that/ he had asked her to dance,/and that/ he knew her name.



We have succeeded in solving various difficulties and risks in our advance.


:I came in to have a look.I remembered that the guards at the gate were Swiss soldiers in yellow uniforms.


:A plane from Kunming carried us over a lot of mountains to the Capital of China-Beijing.

The first day was crossed out,/and the last thought which went through my mind/ at the end of this important day was: /After all—/I do not belong here;/I am just loaned.

:第一天己经从日历上划去了,在这个重要的日子即将结束的时候,我的脑海里浮现出来的想法就是: 毕竟,我不属于这里,我只是别人雇佣来的。


:Our Chinese thinkers in Pre-Qin Days over 2,000 years ago put forward the thought that

loving people and treating neighbors kindly are most valuable to a country.


:1998 was designated as the International Ocean Year by the United Nations, and the Chinese Government would like to take this opportunity to make an introduction of the development of China's marine affairs to this world.


:China has a population of more than 1.2 billion, and its land natural resources per capita are lower than world average.

Before 1760,it was standard to take work to villagers in their own homes. /By 1820, it was standard to bring workers into a factory and/ have them overseen.




:At present, compared with countries with high grain yield,China's per unit area yield of grain is relatively low. It will be difficult for China to reach the level of countries with high grain yield in the short period of time, but the goal can be achieved through earnest


:Given the relatively stable sowing area,the desired total output target of grain can be achieved, if the annual average increase rate of per unit area yield of grain is 1 % from 1996 to 2010 and 0.7% from 2011 to 2030.

Despite the great gains in industry,/agriculture remained the nation's basic occupation. :工业方面尽管取得了巨大的成就,但是农业仍然是这个国家的基础产业。

Their galabias and turbans stained/ by the sweat and dirt of along day's work, /they sat in front of a wayside shop, /enjoying three of the best things in life along the Nile—tea, conversation, and the water pipe.


For the international community/the most striking consequence of these changes is that/ China has grown to be the world's eleventh largest economy,/and is set to grow further.


The resounding success of the Cucarao experiment/ whetted the appetites of Florida livestock raisers/ for a similar feat/ that would relieve them of the scourge of screw-worm.


The samples of soil/ from various depths/ are examined/ for traces of oil.




An equity joint ventures takes the form of a limited liability company.


:If one side wishes toy assign its registered capital, it must obtain the consent of each party to the venture.


:An equity joint venture handles its foreign exchange transactions according to Regulations on Foreign Exchange Control of the People's Republic of China.


:An equity joint venture engages in all activities according to the provisions of laws,decrees and pertinent regulations of the People's Republic of China.


:In the purchase of raw materials, fuels, and auxiliary equipment and so on, an equity joint venture gives first priority to purchasing in China. It may make purchases of them directly on the international market with foreign exchange raised by itself.


:The offices of general manager or vice general manager(s)(or factory manager or deputy factory manager(s)) are assumed by each party to the venture.

出口产品可由合营企业直接或与其有关的委托机构向国外市场出售,/也可通过中国的外资机构出售。:An equity joint venture sells its foreign products to foreign markets directly through associated agency or foreign trade agency of China.


:Disputes arising from each party to the venture, which board of directors cannot settle may be settled through arbitration or conciliation by China's arbitration agency or through arbitration by another arbitration agency agreed upon by each party to the venture.


:An equity joint venture is encouraged to sell its products outside China.


:A foreign side is encouraged to deposit its foreign exchange which was entitled to remit abroad in Bank of China.


What makes the revolution especially English? /Obviously,/it began in England.


The land cracked/ and the springs dried up/ and the cattle listlessly nibbled dry twigs. :土地龟裂,泉水干涸,牛群也无精打采地啃着干树枝。


:But I was drenched from head to toe like a drown rat.


:Physically attractive people do not need heavy makeup.


:The development of China's ancient civilization is the fruit of hard working and tireless efforts of the Chinese nation.

近百年来,/为了摆脱半殖民地半封建的历史境遇,/中国人民进行了艰苦卓绝、奋发图强的斗争。:In the past one hundred years or so, the Chinese people waged arduous struggles to lift themselves from the historical plight of semi-colonial and semi-feudal rules.


:Today, under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory,our Chinese people firmly implemented Reform and Opening-up and achieved remarkable successes in the modernization drive.


:After Liberation,I began to work in our own opera troupe,China Pingju Theater.


:My maternal grandfather passed away in the flower of his youth at the age of 68. But my other three grandparents all lived to be over 80.


:Old Mrs. Wei introduced her as Xianglin's wife, a neighbor of her mother's family,and she went out to work because her husband had been dead.

她高兴地说:“你可真是巧手啊!现在不打毛线了,又换了纺线。”/原来她刚才是看了我演的《刘巧儿》。:She happily said,“You really have clever hands. You have stopped knitting to spinning now.” She had seen me playing in Liu Qiaoer, in which I was the heroine.


:On the 23rd of the 12th lunar month, when theater closed, the Saint Patron of actors was invited to the front stage, leaving the back stage deserted,and actors were much worse off.

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