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2007-6-25 10:49 【大 中 小】【我要纠错】

1. President Clinton realized——as al of us must—— that today‘s economy is global.


2. 1977, the sum total of Chinese imports and exports was less than $15 billion, putting China‘s share of world at 0.6 percent. The most populous country in the world, China ranked a distant 30th among exporting nations. By 1993 China’s exports and imports totaled nearly $200 billion. China had become the world‘s tenth largest exporter.

在1977年,中国进出口总额还不到150亿美元,仅占世界贸易总额的0.6%, 世界上人口最多的中国在出口国家中排名靠后,仅是第30位,到1993年,中国进出口总额接近2000亿美元,它已成为每10个最大的出口国。

3. Per capita GNP has grown at an average rate of 7.6% from 1980-1992.


4. But the importance of trade in our economy has exploded in the past three decades. In 1970, the value of two way trade was equal to just 13% of the US economy. Last year, that figure, at 28%, was more than twice as high. In just the last seven years, jobs supported by US exports have risen by 4 million, to a total of 11 million. That‘s almost one out of ten American jobs. Last year US trade equaled $1.8 trillion dollars.

但在过去30年中,我们经济贸易的重要性大大地增加了,在1970年,双边贸易的总值占了整个美国经济的13%.去年上升到28%,比1970年增加了一倍多。就在过去7年中,美国的出口创造的就业机会增加了400万个。总数上升到1100万个。这个数字就占美国就业总数的1/10.去年, 美国贸易总额达到了1.8亿美元。

5. Nor is the importance of trade likely to diminish for either China or the United States. Foreign exchange.

无论是中国还是美国,都不会缩小贸易的重要性。 外汇。

6. Bilateral trade, the order of


7. sound foundation for future commercial and financial ties.


8. China‘s imports from the US, which amounted to $900 million in 1978, rose to nearly $ 3 billion in 1982. exports rose from $300 million to $ 2.3 billion during that period. Total Chinese trade has also risenj dramatically, from 1978 to 1983 Chinese exports increased from roughly 10 billion to 22 billion, while imports increased from 10 billion to just over 21 billion.



9. joint ventures. Offshore oil exploration

合资企业, 海上石油勘测

10. there are reasons to be optimistic and to expect that commercial and financial relationships will grow in the future.


11. Food production, industrial production. Light industries.

粮食产量, 工业生产, 轻工业

12. I believe Chinese economic authorities recognize the problem and the next Five-Year Plan will address it effectively.


13. Britain lives by commerce. With 2% of the world‘s population, we are the world’s fifth largest trading nation. We rely more than any other major economy on the goods and services that we export, the investment that we attract and we make abroad.

英国的生存依赖贸易。 虽然英国人口只占全球的2%, 它却是世界第五大贸易国。英国对商品和服务出口以及对投资和引资的依赖超过了世界上其他主要经济体。

14.outward investor, net income, the share of foreign investment.

海外投资, 净收入,

15. what this means is that Britain has direct experience of the benefits that international trade and investment generate.

这意味着英国直接享受到了国际投资所带来的利益。, 国际投资的蓬勃发展符合我国利益。

16. that is the way to maximize her share of world markets; and——as the UK knows from direct experience——to attract the stimulus, the technology and the funding that inward investment can offer.

最大限度地扩大其在世界上的市场份额的方法, 英国从自身直接的经历中体会到,吸引外资可以带来动力,技术和资金。

17. 严复——<天演论>,信—忠实, 达—流畅, 雅—尔雅, 他并不十分重视“信”, 他说“译文取明深义,故词句之间,时有所颠倒附益,不斤斤于字比句次。” 周煦良教授在“翻译三论”一文中说: 我认为应当作为“得体”来理解。

18. multilateral disciplines. Brought this home. Zero-sum game. Finite stock. Donor and recipient.

多边条约, 感触颇深, 盈利损失总体持平, 经济利益增长值, 投资方与被投资方

19. 立足国内资源, 实现粮食基本自给, 是中国解决粮食供需问题的基本方针。

The basic principle for solving the problem of grain supply and demand in China is to reply on the domestic resources and basically achieve self-sufficiency in grain.

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