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高级口译教程 笔记 unit 3

高级口译教程 笔记 unit 3
高级口译教程 笔记 unit 3



进出口商品交易会import and export commodities fair 销售部经理sales manager

supply department 采购部

brochure 宣传小册子

scope of business 经营范围

machine tool 机床

workmanship 工艺

make an inquiry 询价

quotation 报价

C.I.F Seattle 西雅图到岸价(*cost, insurance. freight) 调整价格adjust the price

competitive 具有竞争力

bulk 很大

substantially 大大地

展台exhibition stand


经营的新品new line of business 汽车零部件auto parts

update 调整

at the cost of 不惜以……为代价

our part 我方



supplies 货物

free sample 免费样品

inspection 检验

floor offer 底盘

counter-offer 还盘

合同格式format of contract


单价unit price

保险费由贵方承担the insurance premium should be borne by your side

business transaction 生意顺利成交





Welcome to Shanghai Import and Export Commodities Fair. My name is Ming Chen. I am Sales manager of the Shanghai Machinery Company Inc..

2.Hi, Mr. Chen. My name is Sean Hudson. I am from Seattle, USA. I am in charge of the supply department of the Pacific Trading Company Ltd.



I am very pleased to meet you, Mr. Hudson. Please sit down and allow me to introduce our company and its products.

4.Thank you! I have read your brochure and am very impressed by your scope of business, especially the machinery tools you manufacture. I believe my customers will like your new products.



I am glad that you are interested in our products. Actually our brochure shows just a fraction of our machine tools. You may come in and take a look at our exhibits in the show-room, if you please.

6.Sure. Your exhibits are very attractive, though the workmanship is not so desirable. If you don't mind, I'd like to make an inquiry. Here's my list of interested machine tools. I'd like to hear your lowest quotations C.I.f. Seattle.



Thank you for your inquiry. We can supply you with all the required tools on the list. Here's my C.I.F US Pacific Coastal City price list. We may adjust the prices according to the quantity you want.

8.Well, Mr. Chen, your prices are not competitive. My demand is bulk, but of course I'll have to reduce the quantity of my intended purchase substantially with your offer.



As I said earlier, Mr. Hudson, our prices can be adjustable according to your quantity of your requirement. If our offer is the only thing that bothers you, you may look around and call again for another discussion of our quotations.

10.i sure will. Nice meeting you. I'll call home about your quotations and come back tomorrow with our decision.

那是一定的。能与您想回我很高兴。我要通公司联系,汇报一下贵方的报价,明天我会把我们的决定告诉您。PASSAGE TWO



Oh, I am interested in your new line of business. May I look at your CIF price sheet of auto parts?

2.Certainly. Lately we expanded our scope of business to better serve our Far East Asian customers, Chinese customers in particular. China is such an enormous market that nobody can afford to neglect. My company is willing to establish business relations with all interested Chinese parties.



That's very nice to hear. We should like to import auto parts form your company on a regular basis, provided your prices compare favorably with those of others. To be frank with you, your listed prices are indeed among the least competitive. I'd like to hear your most recent quotation.

4.We have just updated our prices. But of course I don't mean our offer is final. As a result, we'd like to quote our new customers the most reasonable price to start our business relationship for the future, even at the cost of a substantial loss on our part.



But my knowledge of the auto parts market tells me that your offer is very unattractive. Besides, I need time to build up my confidence in the quality of your stuff. In any case, I'd rather wait and hunt around, if you were unable to include any reasonable discount.

6.We guarantee the quality of our supplies. And we have free samples for your inspection. As for the discount, we can reduce the listed prices by 5%. This is our floor offer and you'll have to excuse me, we're not prepared for any counter-offer.

我们保证产品质量。并且可以提供免费的样品给你们检验。至于折扣,我们可以将价目单上的开价再减去5%。这是我方的底盘,对不起,我们不准备接受还盘。7.我很欣赏您的直率。虽然贵方的底价与我方所希望得到的价格仍有距离,我还是愿意签合同。我与您有同感,我现在这样做是着眼于我们将来业务关系的发展。I appreciate your frankness. Though there is still a gap between your rock-bottom prices and my expectations, I am willing to sign contracts with you. I like what you said, I am doing this for the development of our future business relations. 8.That's wonderful. Let's leave the technical details of the contract to our assistants. I'd like to invite you to a drink and celebrate the success of your first business transaction.


Thank you very much. I believe this initial cooperation will lead to many more in the future.





I appreciate your inquiry. This is our list of quotations with a recent reduction on the original prices by 3.5%. I'm sure you will find our offer the most competitive one in this rising market of today.

2.I agree your offer after this reduction is attractive but excuse my frankness, in any case it is by no means the most competitive one to the best of my knowledge. I did a lot of research lately and I'm sure you'll agree with me that a growing number of suppliers in other Southeast Asian countries have joined this market. I foresee a substantial drop in price next year.




I am not sure if there will be a substantial price drop. You know our products have established fame in the world and more importantly, we guarantee the quality of our products whatsoever. Although some new manufacturers from our surrounding countries and regions may attract their customers with lower prices, our quality guarantee policy plus this latest substantial price reduction is sure to prevail. To tell you the truth, none of our old customers, including you I believe, has ever turned to any other suppliers. On the contrary, we have received orders form quite a few new customers. Our offer is indeed well-grounded.

4.You're a real business negotiator, but if you hang on to the listed quotations, it's impossible for us to come to terms. I don't think your offer is in line with the current market. I do hope you'll consider our counter-offer. After all, we've had a business relationship for almost ten years. 您真是个商务谈判高手,不过您若坚持原来的报价,那么我们不可能成交。我认为您的报价不符合市场行情。我希望您考虑一下我方的还盘。我们毕竟是做了近10 年生意的老主顾了。

5.好吧!为了庆祝我们10 年来在省以上的合作,也为了继续推进我们的商务关系,我乐意给您追加1.5%的特别折扣。这已远远低于我方的最低价了,所以我再也不能接受还价了。我希望您理解我的处境,我可不想丢了自己的饭碗啊!All right, I'm willing to grant you a special reduction of an additional 1.5% discount in honor of our ten years' business cooperation and to promote our business relation into the future. This is far below my floor offer and therefore, I'm not prepared for any counter-bid. I hope you understand my situation. I don't want to lose my job, you know.

6.I really appreciate your concession, and I'd like to sign our papers today.



I am very glad we have brought our business talk to a successful conclusion. The rest is easy. We'll take care of the paper work this afternoon.



1.US apple exporters cracked the Chinese market, ending a 13-year ban, as shanghai retailers received a shipment of Red Delicious apples from Washington State.

随着上海零售商拿到了来自美国华盛顿州的"美味红"蛇果,美国苹果出口上终于敲开了中国市场的大门,自此结束了长达13 年之久的禁止美国苹果进口的做法。

自1981 年以来,中国一直声称美国的水果受到了地中海水果蝇的侵蚀,进口这种水果会摧毁中国这个世界上最大的水果产地。

4.China bans fruit from 73 other countries that it considers a fruit-fly risk.

中国禁止从其他73 个被视作水果蝇危机的国家进口水果。

5.It dropped that objection under the pressure to liberalize trade with the U.S. and to meet the rules and regulations of the World Trade Organization, a global body that China is eager to join.

迫于同美国进行自由贸易的压力,同时也是为了遵循中国很想参加的世界贸易组织作出的规定,中国放弃了原来的禁令。6.Chinese officials lifted the curb on apples after prolonged negotiations with US officials, and particularly after Chinese inspectors visited Washington fruit farms and examined all 48 boxes of the first shipment.

2.China hasn't authorized any other US fruit imports.


3.It has claimed since 1981 that US fruit was infested with Mediterranean fruit flies and could devastate China's own production, which is the world's largest.

中国官员在同美方进行了旷日持久的谈判之后,特别在中国检察人员参观了华盛顿州的果园并检查了作为第一批运货的所有48 箱苹果之后,才解除了这项禁令。

7.The Washington Apple Commission said its sales in China could reach 500,000 boxes a year, compared with 11 million boxes in East and Southeast Asia.

华盛顿州苹果委员会表示,销往中国的苹果每年可达50 万箱,而销往东亚以及东南亚的苹果每年以多达1,100 万箱。8.Still, US apples won't become a Chinese staple soon; with a 40% tariff and a 17% value-added tax on US fruit, its price will be at least five times that of local varieties.