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1.Australia warmly welcomes visitors from all over the world.


2.Australia is a land of exceptional beauty.


3.A series of geological and historical accidents have made Australia one of the world’s most attractive countries from the tourist’s viewpoint.


4.The vast movements of the earth’s curst created a vast land of Australia, isolated it and positioned it across the tropical and temperate climatic zone.

地壳的剧烈运动使澳大利亚成了幅员辽阔、与大陆分离、地处温、热带地区的国家。5.This land has a small population, which left enormous areas unspoiled.


6.Here you witness an astonishing variety of environments, from desert to rain forest, from tropical beach to white snow field, from big, sophisticated cities to vast uninhabited areas.


7.The tourist will admire a wide array of unique and intriguing animals and flora, a comfortable and sunny climate, and an interesting, cosmopolitan and friendly people.


8.Many of its world-renowned attractions are specific, such as the Great Barrier Reef, Ayer’s Rock, Kakadu National Pare, and Sydney Opera House.


9.Others are general, such as its thousands of kilometers of superb beaches and large skiing resorts.

此外,澳大利亚还有长达几千公里堪称一流的海滩、大型滑雪场等吸引游客的场所。10.Tourism is the largest industry in Australia, representing about five per cent of the gross domestic product and providing, directly or in directly, around 440,000 jobs.

旅游业是澳大利亚最大的产业,占大约5%的国民生产总值和直接或者间接地提供440,000 个职位。

11.More than two million tourists visit Australia each year, spending about $4,000 million.

每年有两百多万的游客来澳大利亚旅游,这些游客花费高达40 亿元。

12.It is worth mentioning that the number of tourists from China is on the rise in recent years.


13.To promote the development of its tourist industry, Australia has tourist offices in many cities around the world, including Auckland, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto.

为了促进旅游业的发展,澳大利亚在全世界各地都设立了办事处,其中包括奥克兰、芝加哥、法兰克福、香港、伦敦、洛杉矶、纽约、新加坡、东京和多伦多等城市。14.Official tourist offices are in all Australian capitals and some regional centers, providing a rang of services for visitor.


15.A wide range of hotel, motel and apartment accommodation is available in most cities, major resorts and many rural areas.


16.There are also camping parks, many with on site caravans or cabins.


17.Hotel and motel rooms usually have telephones, private bathrooms, televisions, refrigerators, as well as facilities to make tea and coffee.

旅馆和汽车旅馆通常都配有电话、独用卫生间、电视、电冰箱以及泡茶喝咖啡的器具。18.The main difference between hotels and motels in Australia is that hotels must provide a public bar to serve liquor.


19.“Private” hotels an d guest houses do not have permits to server liquor.


20.Many country properties offer holidays which include participation in farm activities.


21.Tourist offices provide details and can arrange bookings.


22.There are a variety of restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets, from top-class restaurants with international cuisine to small coffee shops serving snacks.

在澳大利亚可以找到各式各样的餐馆,从具有国际烹饪水准的一流豪华饭店,到供应快餐的小咖啡馆,各种风味,一应尽有,可以满足各类顾客的不同口味要求和不同价位要求。23.All cities have a wide range of ethnic restaurants.


24.Virtually all restaurants have liquor licences.


25.Tipping is neither encouraged nor routine, although visitors may reward special services if they wish, in which case 10 percent of the bill is adequate.


26.At any time, tipping is optional.


27.Taxi drivers and porters have set charges and do not expect to be tipped.


28.Before leaving Australia, every visitor over 12 years old must pay a $20 departure tax.

在离开澳大利亚之前,每一个超过12 岁的游客必须付20 美元的离境税。29.Departure-tax stamps are bought at airports and post offices with Australian currency or by American Express, Visa or Mastercard.

在机场和邮局用澳币或者美国运通、威士、万事达卡都可以买到离境印花税。PASSAGE TWO



International travel is an effective way of promoting understanding and friendship amony the peoples of the worl.


China, with its five thousand years of civilization, has always been a tourist destination for people of other countries.


If, however, all you have seen in china are famous mountains and great rivers, places of historical interest and scenic beauty, such as the terra-cotta warriors and horses in Xi’an, Guilin scenery of beautiful mountains and rivers, the Great Wall or the Palace Museum in Beijing, then you have seen only the tip of the iceberg.

5.现在展现在您面前的是一整套全新的中国旅游节目,其中大部分以中国传统文化为特色。Now a whole new panorama of tourist destinations awaits you, most of which are characterized by traditional Chinese culture.

6.自1992 年以来,中国国家旅游局每年都为游客安排了不同的旅游主题,如92 中国友好观光游,93 中国山水风光游、94 中国文化遗产游、95 中国民俗风情游、96 中国度假胜地游、97 中国旅行游。

The China National Tourism Administration(CNTA) has been setting different tourist themes each year since 1992; the Visit-China Tour of 92, China Landscape Tour of 93,China Heritage Tour of 94,China Folklore Tour of 95,China Resort Tour of 96 and the Travel-in-China Tour of 97.


All these programs have been designed to incorporate sightseeing, vacationing and participating in cultural activities, thus providing tourists with an opportunity to learn about Chinese culture as well as enjoy, to their hearts’ content, the customs of the country around them, particularly the places of historic interest and cultural heritage.

8.中国56 个民族的不同风俗和文化是中国的宝贵财富,使世界的宝贵财富,是中国最重要的旅游资源之一。

The different customs and cultures of China’s 56 ethnic groups, both a national and world treasure, make up one of China’s most important tourist resources.


These new programs, added to all the traditional tours that preceded them, may provide those participating visitors with a fairly complete and thorough idea of what China is all about.


In the past, many overseas tourists complained about poor service they received when visiting this country. CNTA has accordingly set up a series of new provisional regulations which aim at upgrading the service level of travel agencies, reducing accidents and ensuring to visitors to China

safety and comfort.

11.去年我国旅游业的外汇收入达到了80 亿美元。估计本世纪末,我国外汇年收入可以达到120 亿美元。

Last year China’s tourist industry earned US$8 billion in foreign currency, and the figure is expected to reach US$12 billion by the end of the century.


This will place China among those countries in the world benefiting from a well- developed tourist industry.

13.中国很可能在即将来临的21 世纪成为世界上少数几个最吸引游客的国家之一。China may have a very good chance of becoming one of the few most attractive global travel destinations in the coming century.




1.I’d like to make some special remarks on our tour programs:


2.First of all, the quotation for each tour includes all expenses in the destination country.


3.This includes the cost of accommodation, meals, transportation, sightseeing, guides, airport departure tax, and international airfare.


4.The quotation is calculated on a per-person basis for a group of 10 or more adults.

这个报价是根据由10 名成年游客,获10 名成年游客以上组成的团体,按个人计价。5.The quotation for smaller groups will have to be determined by this travel agency.

本旅行社对于人数少于10 人的小团体保留成心报价的权利。

6.Next, each person taking our tour has to pay for his or her personal expenses which may involve, for example, laundry, drinks, mini-bars in their hotel rooms, long-distance phone calls.


7.And finally, it is our principle to carry out a tour strictly according to the set itinerary, but we reserve the right to make any changes due to some unforeseen circumstances.


8.We will give you notice of these changes as they occur, together with reasons.





Mountain Tai, a perfect combination of culture and natural landscape, is the best known among the four renowned great mountains in China.

2.泰山地处山东省的中部,其巅峰位于泰安市北面,海拔1545 米。

The mountain is located in the central of Shandong province. North of the city of Tai’an is Mount Tai’s highest peak, Yuhuangding, which literally means “the Peak of Jade Emperor”, rising to 1,545 meters above sea level.


Yuhuangding stands over deep valleys and above other perilous peaks. A staircase leads to the Heavenly Southern Gate.


Looking around in the distance, you will enjoy with involuntary admiration the overpowering views of mountains beyond mountains and scenery beyond scenery.


The tourist will be marveled at the numerous grotesque rock formations, clear waterfalls, ancient pine trees, temples, pavilions, bridges, towers and pagodas, and halls,as well as ancient inscriptions cared in stones by well-known writers and calligraphers of various dynasties.


Each season here has its own beauty: bright flowers in full bloom covering the green slopes in spring; spectacular summer thunderstorms which are rarely seen elsewhere; blue rivers running across the mountains overlaid with red maple leaves in autumn; snow-capped mountains and frosted pine trees in winter that stage a quiet grandeur spectacle of particular interest.


On a clear day one can see the peaks rising one after another.


When the sky is overcast, the horizon disappears into a sea of clouds.


The mountain is most famous for its spectacular sunrise and sunset.


Its landscape and numerous historical sites have inspired many great works of ancient writers and calligraphers.


Mout tai has long been the preferred gathering place of artists and poets.

12.早在殷商时期(公元前1766 年-公元前1122 年),华夏祖先便已确立了东、南、西、北、中五个方位。

Dating back to the Yin and Shang periods (1766-1122BC), Chinese forefathers established five directions (north, south, east, west and center).


The east, where the sun rises, represents life’s fertility with the end of winter and coming of spring. 14.位于中国东部沿海省份的泰山被视为吉祥之地。

Mount Tai located in a coastal province in eastern China, has been regarded as a propitious place. 15.古代帝王择泰山,奉以贡品,祭祀天地,为国家的繁荣与祥和而祈祷。

The ancient emperors prayed for the country’s prosperity and peace by offering sacrifices to Heaven and Earth on Mount Tai.

16.据历史记载,西周(公元前1122 年-公元前771 年)前已有72 位君主登临泰山祭祀。

According to historical records, prior to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1122BC- 771AD) , 72

monarchs climbed the mountain to perform sacrifices.


They were then followed by Qinshihuang, the China’s first emperor, and the emperors of Han, Tang, Song and Qing Dynasty.


The modern world has also recognized the cultural and tourist values with Mount Tai.

19.联合国教科文组织已于1985 年将泰山列为联合国世界文化遗产和自然遗产。

In 1985, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization placed Mount Tai on the UN list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites.


Mount Tai warmly welcomes visitors from all over the world. PASSAGE THREE


1.来北京的观光客自然都会游览故宫和长城,这是因为故宫和长城是举世闻名的旅游景点。While the Palace Museum and the Great Wall, the two world famous scenic spots, are known to all a must tourist destination for people visiting Beijing.


Today, I would like to introduced to you the Beijing World Park, the third major tourist site in Beijing.

3.北京世界公园于90 年代初在北京兴建,是北京的最新旅游景点。在这里游客那种“一日游尽天下景”的梦想便可成真。

Completed in the early 90’s, the Beijing World Park boasts the newest scenic spot in Beijing, and here the visitors may realize their dream of “touring around world in a day”.

4.北京世界公园的规模雄踞亚洲同类公园之冠,所收微塑复制品的数量也堪称亚洲之最。Beijing World Park is the largest park of its kind, with mini replicas on the largest scale in Asia. 5.世界七大奇观以及50 个国家的约100 处历史名胜和自然景观均以微塑膜型展出。The seven wonders of the world and some 100 famous historical and natural sights from 50 countries are on display in miniature.

6.占地面积46.7 公顷的世界公园分为17 处风景区,收集了亚洲、非洲、欧洲、南北美洲以及大洋洲的主要名胜景点。

The 46.7-hectare World Park features 17 scenic areas staging all the major tourist sites of Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas and Oceania.


Here tourists can appreciate replicas of the Arc of Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, the wooden Trojan horse, London’s Tower Bridge, the Taj Mahal of India, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Grand Canyon, Sydney Opera House, the US Statue of Liberty, the Great Wall, etc


The exquisitely constructed scenic spots offer fine examples of excellent workmanship. Most of them feature the exact replicas of the original, with white jade, marble, top-grade granite and other superior quality stone.

9.例如,莫斯科的红场是以500 万块比麻将牌还小的红砖铺就而成的。

For example, Moscow’s Red Square was constructed with five million red bricks smaller than China’s mahjong pieces.

10.而埃及的金字塔则以20 万块大理石砌成。

The Egyptian Pyramid was built with 200,000 pieces of marble.

11.美国的科罗拉多河和大峡谷的微塑高达32 米,一条“巨型瀑布”从16 米的高出飞流直冲谷底。

The replica of the Colorado River and Grand Canyon in the United states stands 32 meters high, with a 16-meter-high “giant waterfall” plunging to the bottom.

12.公园的东北角有一条300 米长的国际街,这条具有欧美建筑风格的国际街集餐饮、购物和娱乐于一体。

Located in the northeastern corner lies the 300-meter-long International Street with its European and American architectural encompassing services of catering, shopping and amusement.

13.游客可以在这里领略异国情调、品尝他乡风味、购买纪念品、参加各种娱乐活动。Tourists can experience the obvious exotic atmosphere, taste the inviting foreign food, purchase attractive souvenirs and enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities.


Since its opening to visitors, the Beijing World Park has attracted many tourist from home and broad with its splendid sight.

15.如果您在北京逗留的时间仅够您游览3 个景点的话,那么您一定得把故宫、长城和世界公园作为您的最佳选择。

If you had time for only three places of tourist attraction in Beijing, your best choices would certainly be the Palace Museum, the Great Wall and then the Beijing World Park

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