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1.Australia warmly welcomes visitors from all over the world.


2.Australia is a land of exceptional beauty.


3.A series of geological and historical accidents have made Australia one of the world’s most attractive countries from the tourist’s viewpoint.


4.The vast movements of the earth’s curst created a vast land of Australia, isolated it and positioned it across the tropical and temperate climatic zone.

地壳的剧烈运动使澳大利亚成了幅员辽阔、与大陆分离、地处温、热带地区的国家。5.This land has a small population, which left enormous areas unspoiled.


6.Here you witness an astonishing variety of environments, from desert to rain forest, from tropical beach to white snow field, from big, sophisticated cities to vast uninhabited areas.


7.The tourist will admire a wide array of unique and intriguing animals and flora, a comfortable and sunny climate, and an interesting, cosmopolitan and friendly people.


8.Many of its world-renowned attractions are specific, such as the Great Barrier Reef, Ayer’s Rock, Kakadu National Pare, and Sydney Opera House.


9.Others are general, such as its thousands of kilometers of superb beaches and large skiing resorts.

此外,澳大利亚还有长达几千公里堪称一流的海滩、大型滑雪场等吸引游客的场所。10.Tourism is the largest industry in Australia, representing about five per cent of the gross domestic product and providing, directly or in directly, around 440,000 jobs.

旅游业是澳大利亚最大的产业,占大约5%的国民生产总值和直接或者间接地提供440,000 个职位。

11.More than two million tourists visit Australia each year, spending about $4,000 million.

每年有两百多万的游客来澳大利亚旅游,这些游客花费高达40 亿元。

12.It is worth mentioning that the number of tourists from China is on the rise in recent years.


13.To promote the development of its tourist industry, Australia has tourist offices in many cities around the world, including Auckland, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto.

为了促进旅游业的发展,澳大利亚在全世界各地都设立了办事处,其中包括奥克兰、芝加哥、法兰克福、香港、伦敦、洛杉矶、纽约、新加坡、东京和多伦多等城市。14.Official tourist offices are in all Australian capitals and some regional centers, providing a rang of services for visitor.


15.A wide range of hotel, motel and apartment accommodation is available in most cities, major resorts and many rural areas.


16.There are also camping parks, many with on site caravans or cabins.


17.Hotel and motel rooms usually have telephones, private bathrooms, televisions, refrigerators, as well as facilities to make tea and coffee.

旅馆和汽车旅馆通常都配有电话、独用卫生间、电视、电冰箱以及泡茶喝咖啡的器具。18.The main difference between hotels and motels in Australia is that hotels must provide a public bar to serve liquor.


19.“Private” hotels an d guest houses do not have permits to server liquor.


20.Many country properties offer holidays which include participation in farm activities.


21.Tourist offices provide details and can arrange bookings.


22.There are a variety of restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets, from top-class restaurants with international cuisine to small coffee shops serving snacks.

在澳大利亚可以找到各式各样的餐馆,从具有国际烹饪水准的一流豪华饭店,到供应快餐的小咖啡馆,各种风味,一应尽有,可以满足各类顾客的不同口味要求和不同价位要求。23.All cities have a wide range of ethnic restaurants.


24.Virtually all restaurants have liquor licences.


25.Tipping is neither encouraged nor routine, although visitors may reward special services if they wish, in which case 10 percent of the bill is adequate.


26.At any time, tipping is optional.


27.Taxi drivers and porters have set charges and do not expect to be tipped.


28.Before leaving Australia, every visitor over 12 years old must pay a $20 departure tax.

在离开澳大利亚之前,每一个超过12 岁的游客必须付20 美元的离境税。29.Departure-tax stamps are bought at airports and post offices with Australian currency or by American Express, Visa or Mastercard.

在机场和邮局用澳币或者美国运通、威士、万事达卡都可以买到离境印花税。PASSAGE TWO



International travel is an effective way of promoting understanding and friendship amony the peoples of the worl.


China, with its five thousand years of civilization, has always been a tourist destination for people of other countries.


If, however, all you have seen in china are famous mountains and great rivers, places of historical interest and scenic beauty, such as the terra-cotta warriors and horses in Xi’an, Guilin scenery of beautiful mountains and rivers, the Great Wall or the Palace Museum in Beijing, then you have seen only the tip of the iceberg.

5.现在展现在您面前的是一整套全新的中国旅游节目,其中大部分以中国传统文化为特色。Now a whole new panorama of tourist destinations awaits you, most of which are characterized by traditional Chinese culture.

6.自1992 年以来,中国国家旅游局每年都为游客安排了不同的旅游主题,如92 中国友好观光游,93 中国山水风光游、94 中国文化遗产游、95 中国民俗风情游、96 中国度假胜地游、97 中国旅行游。

The China National Tourism Administration(CNTA) has been setting different tourist themes each year since 1992; the Visit-China Tour of 92, China Landscape Tour of 93,China Heritage Tour of 94,China Folklore Tour of 95,China Resort Tour of 96 and the Travel-in-China Tour of 97.


All these programs have been designed to incorporate sightseeing, vacationing and participating in cultural activities, thus providing tourists with an opportunity to learn about Chinese culture as well as enjoy, to their hearts’ content, the customs of the country around them, particularly the places of historic interest and cultural heritage.

8.中国56 个民族的不同风俗和文化是中国的宝贵财富,使世界的宝贵财富,是中国最重要的旅游资源之一。

The different customs and cultures of China’s 56 ethnic groups, both a national and world treasure, make up one of China’s most important tourist resources.


These new programs, added to all the traditional tours that preceded them, may provide those participating visitors with a fairly complete and thorough idea of what China is all about.


In the past, many overseas tourists complained about poor service they received when visiting this country. CNTA has accordingly set up a series of new provisional regulations which aim at upgrading the service level of travel agencies, reducing accidents and ensuring to visitors to China

safety and comfort.

11.去年我国旅游业的外汇收入达到了80 亿美元。估计本世纪末,我国外汇年收入可以达到120 亿美元。

Last year China’s tourist industry earned US$8 billion in foreign currency, and the figure is expected to reach US$12 billion by the end of the century.


This will place China among those countries in the world benefiting from a well- developed tourist industry.

13.中国很可能在即将来临的21 世纪成为世界上少数几个最吸引游客的国家之一。China may have a very good chance of becoming one of the few most attractive global travel destinations in the coming century.




1.I’d like to make some special remarks on our tour programs:


2.First of all, the quotation for each tour includes all expenses in the destination country.


3.This includes the cost of accommodation, meals, transportation, sightseeing, guides, airport departure tax, and international airfare.


4.The quotation is calculated on a per-person basis for a group of 10 or more adults.

这个报价是根据由10 名成年游客,获10 名成年游客以上组成的团体,按个人计价。5.The quotation for smaller groups will have to be determined by this travel agency.

本旅行社对于人数少于10 人的小团体保留成心报价的权利。

6.Next, each person taking our tour has to pay for his or her personal expenses which may involve, for example, laundry, drinks, mini-bars in their hotel rooms, long-distance phone calls.


7.And finally, it is our principle to carry out a tour strictly according to the set itinerary, but we reserve the right to make any changes due to some unforeseen circumstances.


8.We will give you notice of these changes as they occur, together with reasons.





Mountain Tai, a perfect combination of culture and natural landscape, is the best known among the four renowned great mountains in China.

2.泰山地处山东省的中部,其巅峰位于泰安市北面,海拔1545 米。

The mountain is located in the central of Shandong province. North of the city of Tai’an is Mount Tai’s highest peak, Yuhuangding, which literally means “the Peak of Jade Emperor”, rising to 1,545 meters above sea level.


Yuhuangding stands over deep valleys and above other perilous peaks. A staircase leads to the Heavenly Southern Gate.


Looking around in the distance, you will enjoy with involuntary admiration the overpowering views of mountains beyond mountains and scenery beyond scenery.


The tourist will be marveled at the numerous grotesque rock formations, clear waterfalls, ancient pine trees, temples, pavilions, bridges, towers and pagodas, and halls,as well as ancient inscriptions cared in stones by well-known writers and calligraphers of various dynasties.


Each season here has its own beauty: bright flowers in full bloom covering the green slopes in spring; spectacular summer thunderstorms which are rarely seen elsewhere; blue rivers running across the mountains overlaid with red maple leaves in autumn; snow-capped mountains and frosted pine trees in winter that stage a quiet grandeur spectacle of particular interest.


On a clear day one can see the peaks rising one after another.


When the sky is overcast, the horizon disappears into a sea of clouds.


The mountain is most famous for its spectacular sunrise and sunset.


Its landscape and numerous historical sites have inspired many great works of ancient writers and calligraphers.


Mout tai has long been the preferred gathering place of artists and poets.

12.早在殷商时期(公元前1766 年-公元前1122 年),华夏祖先便已确立了东、南、西、北、中五个方位。

Dating back to the Yin and Shang periods (1766-1122BC), Chinese forefathers established five directions (north, south, east, west and center).


The east, where the sun rises, represents life’s fertility with the end of winter and coming of spring. 14.位于中国东部沿海省份的泰山被视为吉祥之地。

Mount Tai located in a coastal province in eastern China, has been regarded as a propitious place. 15.古代帝王择泰山,奉以贡品,祭祀天地,为国家的繁荣与祥和而祈祷。

The ancient emperors prayed for the country’s prosperity and peace by offering sacrifices to Heaven and Earth on Mount Tai.

16.据历史记载,西周(公元前1122 年-公元前771 年)前已有72 位君主登临泰山祭祀。

According to historical records, prior to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1122BC- 771AD) , 72

monarchs climbed the mountain to perform sacrifices.


They were then followed by Qinshihuang, the China’s first emperor, and the emperors of Han, Tang, Song and Qing Dynasty.


The modern world has also recognized the cultural and tourist values with Mount Tai.

19.联合国教科文组织已于1985 年将泰山列为联合国世界文化遗产和自然遗产。

In 1985, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization placed Mount Tai on the UN list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites.


Mount Tai warmly welcomes visitors from all over the world. PASSAGE THREE


1.来北京的观光客自然都会游览故宫和长城,这是因为故宫和长城是举世闻名的旅游景点。While the Palace Museum and the Great Wall, the two world famous scenic spots, are known to all a must tourist destination for people visiting Beijing.


Today, I would like to introduced to you the Beijing World Park, the third major tourist site in Beijing.

3.北京世界公园于90 年代初在北京兴建,是北京的最新旅游景点。在这里游客那种“一日游尽天下景”的梦想便可成真。

Completed in the early 90’s, the Beijing World Park boasts the newest scenic spot in Beijing, and here the visitors may realize their dream of “touring around world in a day”.

4.北京世界公园的规模雄踞亚洲同类公园之冠,所收微塑复制品的数量也堪称亚洲之最。Beijing World Park is the largest park of its kind, with mini replicas on the largest scale in Asia. 5.世界七大奇观以及50 个国家的约100 处历史名胜和自然景观均以微塑膜型展出。The seven wonders of the world and some 100 famous historical and natural sights from 50 countries are on display in miniature.

6.占地面积46.7 公顷的世界公园分为17 处风景区,收集了亚洲、非洲、欧洲、南北美洲以及大洋洲的主要名胜景点。

The 46.7-hectare World Park features 17 scenic areas staging all the major tourist sites of Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas and Oceania.


Here tourists can appreciate replicas of the Arc of Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, the wooden Trojan horse, London’s Tower Bridge, the Taj Mahal of India, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Grand Canyon, Sydney Opera House, the US Statue of Liberty, the Great Wall, etc


The exquisitely constructed scenic spots offer fine examples of excellent workmanship. Most of them feature the exact replicas of the original, with white jade, marble, top-grade granite and other superior quality stone.

9.例如,莫斯科的红场是以500 万块比麻将牌还小的红砖铺就而成的。

For example, Moscow’s Red Square was constructed with five million red bricks smaller than China’s mahjong pieces.

10.而埃及的金字塔则以20 万块大理石砌成。

The Egyptian Pyramid was built with 200,000 pieces of marble.

11.美国的科罗拉多河和大峡谷的微塑高达32 米,一条“巨型瀑布”从16 米的高出飞流直冲谷底。

The replica of the Colorado River and Grand Canyon in the United states stands 32 meters high, with a 16-meter-high “giant waterfall” plunging to the bottom.

12.公园的东北角有一条300 米长的国际街,这条具有欧美建筑风格的国际街集餐饮、购物和娱乐于一体。

Located in the northeastern corner lies the 300-meter-long International Street with its European and American architectural encompassing services of catering, shopping and amusement.

13.游客可以在这里领略异国情调、品尝他乡风味、购买纪念品、参加各种娱乐活动。Tourists can experience the obvious exotic atmosphere, taste the inviting foreign food, purchase attractive souvenirs and enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities.


Since its opening to visitors, the Beijing World Park has attracted many tourist from home and broad with its splendid sight.

15.如果您在北京逗留的时间仅够您游览3 个景点的话,那么您一定得把故宫、长城和世界公园作为您的最佳选择。

If you had time for only three places of tourist attraction in Beijing, your best choices would certainly be the Palace Museum, the Great Wall and then the Beijing World Park


《高级口译教程》核心词汇(1) 第一篇 学位点 degree program 国家级重点社科研究基地 key social science research centers 博士后科学研究流动站 post-doctoral research stations 国家级重点学科 national key disciplines 两院院士 academicians of the Chinese academy of science and the Chinese academy of engineering 网络教育 online education 科举制 imperial examination 日月光华,旦复旦兮 brilliant are the sunlight and the moonlight after night the day dawns again 人文精神 humanistic spirit 披荆斩棘,筚路蓝缕 negotiate various impediment 博学而笃志,切问而近思 extensive scholarship with unyielding dedication and earnest inquiry with close examination 治学态度 educational philosophy 取精用弘的学术思想 the academic ideology of extracting the best and exploiting the greatest 怀抱超旷的才隽学人 graduates with brilliant scholarship 高等教育发展的重中之重 priority among institutions of high learning 承前启后 inherit fine tradition and usher in the future mission 精诚团结,共襄盛举 strive together in good faith 文理工医科综合性大学 a comprehensive university with a complete range disciplines in liberal arts, science, engineering and medicine 全面提升知名度和影响力 elevate influence and visibility in all dimensions 社会转型时期 a period of social transition 百年传承之名校 a prestigious university with a century-long academic tradition and intellectual esteem 第二篇 Vancouver 温哥华 Canada’s gateway to the pacific 加拿大通往太平洋的门户 The Panama Canal 巴拿马运河 Natural ice-free harbor 天然不冻港 Manufactured goods 制成品


描述:经典1 佛都朝圣 图片: 线路:成都-乐山-峨眉(峨眉山)-黑竹沟 魅色无边:山是一座佛、佛是一座山的乐山大佛是世界上最大的大佛;位于海拔3077米的金顶上、高48米的十方普贤佛像,是世界上最高的金佛。去乐山、峨眉山的旅程,就成了世界都闻名的朝圣之旅。 峨眉山是普贤的道场,一直是游客信众心中的圣地。2005年底,新峨眉山金顶横空出世,金顶之上,在最接近天的地方,48米高的十方普贤佛像高入云端,典雅优美的普贤端座在大象和莲花座台上,手持如意,端凝、悲悯、祥和。在金顶观金殿、金佛、佛光、圣灯、日出、云海;雪山环绕,如置身莲花世界。峨眉山新十景“金顶金佛、万佛朝宗、小平情缘、清音平湖、幽谷灵猴、第一山亭、摩崖石刻、秀甲瀑布、迎宾滩、名山起点”,也是不能错过的新景观。

攻略:成都到峨眉山150多公里,途经乐山去黑竹沟,可从乐山分路约50多公里到峨边。峨眉山有各种规格和档次的宾馆酒店,红珠山宾馆、峨眉山大酒店、峨眉山温泉饭店等设施最好。 描述:经典2 康巴风情 图片: 线路:成都-卧龙(熊猫基地)-日隆(四姑娘山)-丹巴(美人谷、碉楼)-塔公(塔公草原、塔公寺)-新都桥(摄影天堂、居里寺)-康定(木格措)-成都。 魅色无边:同是在藏区的旅游线路,可是这一条却非常的不同,它是一条从阿坝州进从甘孜州出的旅游小环线,很多景点都在公路的两边,走在路上,你能随时看到雪山、寺庙和草原。 每年的5月到10月,是康巴小环线黄金旅游季节,这期间,许多人为了一睹四姑娘山的真颜,穿过满山的野花,越过碧蓝的海子,顶着缺氧的困难站在山顶;也有很多人开着车在塔公草原上飞奔,只为数一数绿色草原上羊群是否多得过蓝天上的云朵;还有人为了照新都桥的那一排树一条河,可以将快门从日出按到日落。


Mindy按TEXT PASSAGE ONE 汉译英: 1.副总统阁下,威廉斯夫人:贵宾们:女士们,先生们: Your Excellency Vice President and Mrs. Williams, Our distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: 2.我为能在此设宴招待威廉斯副总统和夫人以及其他贵宾而深感荣幸和愉快。 It is my privilege and great pleasure to host this banquet in honor of Vice President and Mrs. Williams and other distinguished guests. 3.愿借此机会向各位来宾表示热烈的欢迎。 I would avail myself this opportunity to extent my warm welcome to you all. 4.我的心情可以引用孔子在论语中的一句话来表示:有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎? A remark the Analects of Confucius best expressed what I feel now, ”It is suc h a delight that I have friends visiting from afar.” 5.显而易见,威廉斯副总统的这次访问表明了阁下愿意继续推进我们两国之间友好合作关系的决心。 Evidently, Vice President Williams’ current visit has demonstrated his Excellency’s determination to further enhance the friendly and cooperative relations between our two countries. 6.我深信,两国高层领导人之间的频繁互访,不仅有助于我们两国之间关系的改善,而且还有助于亚太地区,乃至整个世界的和平和稳定。 I am deeply convinced that frequent exchanges of visits between the top government officials of the two countries are beneficial not only to the improvement of our relationships, but also to the peace and stability in the Asi a- Pacific region and the world as a whole. 7.我们两国建交以来的这些年里,我们在政治、经济、贸易、文化、教育、科技、卫生等领域里进行了真诚的、卓有成效的合作。 Over the years since the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between our two countries, we have carried out sincere and rewarding cooperation in politic al, economic, trade, cultural, educational, scientific and technological, public health and other fields. 8.值得一提的是,自从我们两国总理互访以来,我们在近海石油勘探和汽车工业方面的合作进展神速。 In particular, our cooperation in off-shore and automobile industry have been advancing rapidly ever since the exchange of visit between your Prime Minister and our Premier. 9.我们对这些领域里取得的成就深感满意,并愿意与贵国政府和人民一起继续努力,将我们的合作关系推向一个新的高度。


高级口译教程经典背诵版之科技报告 TEXT PASSAGE ONE 英译汉: 1.My topic today is “The Car and Air Pollution”. 我今天的话题是“轿车与空气污染”。 2.In particular, I want firstly to discuss the ways in which the car causes air pollution; and secondly, how we can control or reduce air pollution from the car. 具体说来,我想先讨论一下轿车引起空气污染的途径,然后我们如何控制和减少由轿车产生的空气污染。 3.First, then, how does the car cause air pollution? 首先,轿车如何导致空气污染? 4.What happens is that the car’s internal combustion engine is a kind of chemical factory on a small scale. 桥车内燃机实际上是一座小型化工厂。 5.It uses a mixture of petrol and air, and this mixture explodes and burns, to produce the energy which propels the car. 内燃机所用的燃料是汽油和空气的混合物。汽油夹着空气,燃烧后产生驱车动力。 6.But while this is happening, many complicated chemical reactions are taking place. 但是许多复杂的化学反应也同时发生。 7.In particular, part of the petrol-air mixture is not completely burned up, and so the exhaust gases from the engine contain some very dangerous chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, lead and hydrocarbons. 具体而言,部分汽油空气混合物不能完全燃烧,并且发动机产生的废气包含着一些非常危险的化学物质,比如一氧化碳、氮氧化物、铅和碳氢化合物。8.This is the situation, then, and it’s going to get much worse, unless we do something about it. 这是一种情况,如果我们不对它采取某些措施,这种情况将会变得越来越糟糕。9.So –let’s focus our attention now on ways of controlling or reducing the amount of air pollution caused by the car. 因此,我们现在应把注意力放在控制或者减少由汽车产生的空气污染方法上来。10.I want to mention five possibilities. 我想谈一下可以采用的 5 中措施: 11.First, we can discourage the use of cars. 首先,我们不鼓励使用轿车。 12.For example, we can put higher taxes on petrol and on cars themselves - especially the larger ones that use a lot of petrol. 例如,我们可以给汽油和轿车本身价更高的税 - 特别是耗油量高的大型车。



华山一条道”,上行4小时,下行2小时。 一、华山古道(4小时):第4险:千尺峡和百尺幢。(4小时) 二、北峰(0.5小时休息拍照):想节约体力可以乘索道上山(不用太早,8点即可),首先 到达的是北峰景区。游玩大概需40分钟。注意:如果有计划玩转华山各峰,不建议在此停留,应直接取道往苍龙岭(第3险)-金锁关走,否则如果把体力消耗在了北峰,后面的山就没有体力爬了。北峰可留在最后下山时(必过此处)再游览。而且这样安排,还可以避开不少早晨上山的游客——因为北峰是所有游客上山的第一站。 三、苍龙岭-金锁关(1小时)。首先可见的是关中八景之首“华岳仙掌”(其实也就麻麻)。 继续往上,山路陡险,坡度较大,务必遵循“爬山不看景,看景不爬山”的原则。脚力好的话大约需要40分钟。其实此处只是看起来险,爬的时候并不危险,不用过分担心。 夜登华山多半也是因为这段路在白天看起来奇险无比。其实完全是误解。 四、华山之巅:(大约4小时) 第一天下午:南峰+西峰(日落)(2小时)西峰-南峰0.5小时路程。西峰观星抵达金锁关,面前是岔路:左去东峰,右去西峰。因为3东峰、4南峰(制高点2154.6米)、5西峰(最美,鲸鱼背。19点上了西峰顶,八百里秦川尽收眼底,周围山峰峻峭耸立。找了个好位置,裹上大衣写日记。19:40,太阳轮廓越来越清晰,变成金黄色慢慢下沉,不一会就没入云海之中。但是,满天的云霞依然很美,大片大片的铺在天边。)为一环形路线,可以走3-4-5,也可以5-4-3这样走。但要注意的是,3+4花的时间比较长(3.小时,不包括自选景点鹞子翻身和长空栈道——各另需至少30分钟),而4+5相对时间较短((2小时),如果时间来不及只能走三峰中的一个,建议走4+5。 第二天:东峰(到南峰1小时,不算2险)(第1险:长空栈道。)第2险:鹞子翻身)—>(迎风亭真的是好大的风,风起云涌;;鹞子翻身是一定要去的,华山之美,于我而言,最美之处在于过了鹞子翻身,走到的突出的山峰尽头。这里有一亭,相传是宋太祖赵匡胤和陈抟老祖豪赌华山之处。只有在这里,你才会深深明白,什么叫“行至无路处,坐看云起时”。从此处看远处无比俊秀,云雾缭绕的几处山峰,恐怕只能用摄人心魄来形容了。 你坐在那里,云从脚下生起来,痴于天地之美,恍惚间不知今昔何处。此刻料仙人亦羡我,走到头是棋亭;;思过崖还有一松,立于峭壁,展于峭壁之外,上面系满祈愿的红线绳。真不知如何有人能系得如此之靠近枝头)。智取华山的路线直接下山,需要用时2小时。 五、补充几点: 1、从玉泉寺爬古道上下的朋友别买景区车票哦! 2、物品:小手电、轻便厚衣服一件、相机(充电器&电池)、毛巾、手套(爬山过程中 使用)高能量轻便食品(巧克力、火腿肠),水带2瓶剩下山上补充、风油精(防蚊)、膏药、雨衣。帽子(防晒)、学生证、登山杖、护膝。刮胡刀、创可贴等急救品。笔本。 巧克力一袋,牛肉干一袋,桃子2斤,好历友派一盒,方便面1碗,水一瓶(750ml) 至回心石以后,就要节省一点了,以后的补给都非常贵,但是水还是随意喝吧。因为找到旅馆后就能在里面补充一些。 六、路程安排: 1、北京-西安


TEXT PASSAGE ONE 英译汉: 1.Honorable Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen: 尊敬的主席先生,女士们先生们: 2.The world today asks for global cooperation to fight a common war against poverty. 当今世界需要全球合作,共同向贫穷宣战。 3.The recent convening of the United Nations World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen bore witness to need for the world community to pool their efforts to fight poverty. 最近在哥本哈根召开的联合国社会发展世界首脑会议,已经认识到国际社会携手起来迎战贫穷的必要性。 4.Poverty remains a major challenge facing the world today. 贫穷是当今世界面临的一个主要问题。 5.United Nations statistics show that 20 percent of the world’s population currently live below the poverty line. 联合国统计数字表明20%的世界人口目前仍生活在贫困线以下。 6.In the past half century, many developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have achieved remarkable successes in their economic and social development, especially some newly industrialized nations arising in Asia and Latin America. 在上半个世纪,亚洲、非洲和拉丁美洲的许多发展中国家在经济和社会发展取得了显著的成就,尤其是一些亚洲和拉丁美洲新兴的工业化国家的出现。 7.Developing countries as a whole have reduced their economic disparity against the developed ones, but the gap between the rich and the poor as well as between the extremes of wealth and poverty in some developing countries have not fundamentally improved. 发展中国家总体上缩小了与发达国家的经济差距,但是各国贫富之间差距及发展中国家内部的贫富两极分化的问题还没有从根本上解决。 8.Last year, the per capita of GNP developed countries was US$16,610, whereas that of developing countries was only US$950, of 5.7 percent of the former. 去年,发达国家的人均国民生产总值达到16,610 美元,然而发展中国家的人均国民生产总值只有950 美元,相当于前者的5.7%。 9.Specifically, the per capita GDP of Switzerland reached US$36,410, the highest level in the world, whereas the per capita GNP of Mozambique, the poorest country, was only US$80. 特别的突出的是瑞士的人均国民生产总值达到36,410 美元,居世界之首,而世界上最穷的国家莫桑比克,其人均国民生产总值仅为80 美元。 10.Twenty years ago the United Nations defined 25 least developed countries, and that number has increased to 48 today. 20 年以前联合国确定的最不发达国家的数目是25 个,而今这个数字已经达到48 个。11.A recent survey by the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development shows that in 114 developing countries, 1 billion people among the total 4 billion population live below the poverty line,40 percent more than what was reported in a similar survey conducted 40 years ago. 最近联合国农业发展国际基金组织调查显示在114 个发展中国家里40 亿人口中,有10 亿生活在贫困线以下,比40 年前的一项类似调查所提供的数字多了40%。 12.Major reasons for the sustained poverty in some African and South Asian countries involve the backward economic infrastructure, frequent natural disasters, too rapid population growth,


高级口译教程经典背诵版之国际关系 2011-02-14 TEXT PASSAGE ONE 英译汉: 1.The role of the United Nations has gained increasing importance since the end of the Cold War. 冷战结束后的联合国起着越来越重要的作用。 2.The increasing prestige is due in part to the fact that the Security Council has escaped the paralysis which resulted from the US-Soviet rivalry during the Cold War, a period when the two superpowers used their veto rights against each other, thereby incapacitating the Security Council. 联合国地位的上升部分是因为安理会摆脱了冷战期间因美苏对抗而出现的瘫痪状态,当时两个超级大国各自使用自己的否决权来反对对方,致使安理会无法正常运作。 3.The West, just as the developing world, has discovered that it needs the United Nations to achieve its objectives. 西方世界同发展中国家一样也发现它需要联合国以达到自己的目的。 4.In addition, global problems, including the proliferation of nuclear weapons, rapidly expanding populations, the environment, drugs and refugees, call for the entire international community to pool their efforts to find solutions. 此外,包括核武器扩散、人口激增、环境污染、吸毒以及难民在内的全球性问题要求整个国际社会共同努力,携手寻求解决问题的方法。 5.However, the United Nations faces a series of tough issues. 然而,联合国面临着一系列棘手的问题。 6.First of all, how should the UN respect state sovereignty while dealing with an increasing number of internal conflicts? 首先,如何在着手解决日益增多的国家内部冲突的同时,又能尊重那些国家的主权呢? 7. In many cases, regional organizations cannot resolve regional conflicts. 在许多情况下,区域组织不能解决区域冲突。 8.In the Cold War era, UN peace-keeping forces has two missions: to buffer conflicts and to implement agreements already reached between the parties. 在冷战期间,联合国维和部队有两大使命,即缓解冲突和贯彻有关各方之间达成的协议。 9.Now peace-keeping has turned into peace-enforcement. 现在维护和平已经变成了强制和平。 10.The United Nations has turned from handling international disputes


国内十条经典自驾游路线 每当太阳西沉,我坐在河边破旧的码头上,遥望新泽西上方辽阔的天空,我感到似乎有未经开垦的土地,所有的道路,所有的人都在不停的走向西部海岸。我现在才知道,在这里,所有的年轻人总是躁动喧闹,因为是那片土地使他们如此无法平静。——《在路上》 线路一:川西南滇西北黄金自驾游线路—— 云南省的西北部和四川省西南部交界的地方,也是青藏高原的东部边缘,这里有很多令人向往的地方,美丽、幽静、淳朴,是这里的代名词。从云南昆明出发,自驾游先后开赴大理、丽江、香格里拉、稻城、理塘、康定、雅安和成都一线,这一路上如在画中游,风光无限,还可领略到淳朴的少数民族风情,这里将成为未来世界上最大的自然生态旅游区。 自驾游路线:云南昆明——云南大理——云南丽江——云南香格里拉——四川稻城——四川雅安——四川成都 线路二:丝绸之路自驾游西行探险之旅——在人们的印象当中,丝绸之路一直有着历史上某种特殊的神秘面纱,“大漠孤烟直、长河落日圆”的雄浑之美也令世人向往之至,如今,再次踏上丝绸之路的我们,不仅仅能领略到大漠孤烟、长河落日,更有太白山的六月积雪,天山雪莲的纯净洁白,鸣沙山月牙泉的奇异共存,黄河岸边古老的谁车,到达坂城看一看美丽的姑娘,品一品吐鲁番香甜的瓜果,古老的驼铃摇曳千年,从

古都西安出发,一路走去,伴着厚重的历史文化底蕴和广谬无垠的大漠戈壁,我们仿佛又经历了一次人生之旅…… 自驾游路线:陕西西安-甘肃平凉-甘肃兰州-甘肃武威-甘肃张掖-甘肃嘉峪关-甘肃敦煌-新疆哈密-新疆吐鲁番 线路三:新疆南疆环线自驾游线路——八千里路云追月-- 到过新疆的人,都会深刻体会到一句话:不到新疆,不知道中国有多大。另外一句话,没到过新疆,永远不会领略到中国的大美西部,恐怕,只有到过新疆并且深度自驾游历新疆的人,才会理解后者的真正含义。这里有辽阔的原野,有美丽到极致的风景,自驾车游览新疆全线,将会让人真正体会那悠远的壮美和惬意的自在。自驾游以乌鲁木齐为原点,穿越塔克拉玛干沙漠,驾车环游南疆。“死亡之海”罗布泊,千年古迹“楼兰古城”,“大巴扎”,“麻扎”,都将令人饱览浓郁的民族风情。 自驾游路线:新疆乌鲁木齐——和田——喀什——阿克苏——库车——吐鲁番 线路四:西南重镇自驾行-- 要行车必先有路,西南出海通道的修通,就给喜欢自驾车游览西南的朋友多了一个选择。用九天左右的时间,从重庆出发,翻娄山关,到贵阳,经柳州,入桂林,去北海,一览银滩之美丽,然后返回,进入瑶寨和苗家村落,最后经红枫湖返回重庆。一路上有的是好山好水,一路上有看不尽的民族风情。 行车线路:重庆-娄山关-贵阳-柳州-桂林-北海-南宁-都匀-


上海高级口译教程高频词汇汇总 第一单元外事接待 第一篇 制药有限公司pharmaceutical Co.Ltd 副总经理deputy managing director 研究生graduate student 论文paper 研究成果research findings 实验助手lab assistant 市中心downtown area 假日酒店Holiday Inn 旅馆招待费hotel accommodation fee 招待所guesthouse 舒适如归make https://www.sodocs.net/doc/599335143.html,fortable 不尽如人意之处inconvenience in life and work 排忧解难help sb.out 第二篇 Stanford University斯坦福大学 a land of wonder充满奇观的国家 head office总部 magical power神奇的魅力 Oriental东方的 Confucianism儒家思想 Taoism道家学说 inexplicable难以言表的 set foot on踏上……的土地 cosmopolitan city国际大都市 maximize充分利用 in no time不久 rewarding有成效的 第二单元礼仪祝辞 第一篇 阁下your excellency... 建交the establishment of diplomatic relations 近海石油勘探offshore oil exploration 积贫积弱,任人宰割enduring impoverishment,long-standing debility and was for a time at the mercy of other countries 落后要挨打lagging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks 刻骨铭心的教训never-forgotten lesson 中华民族伟大复兴the rejuvenation of China 不懈努力make unremitting efforts 与时具近keep pace with the times


外事接待 第一篇 制药有限公司pharmaceutical Co. Ltd 副总经理deputy managing director 研究生graduate student 论文paper 研究成果research findings 实验助手lab assistant 市中心downtown area 假日酒店Holiday Inn 旅馆招待费hotel accommodation fee 招待所guesthouse 舒适如归make sb. comfortable 不尽如人意之处inconvenience in life and work 排忧解难help sb. out 第二篇 Stanford University 斯坦福大学 a land of wonder充满奇观的国家 head office 总部 magical power 神奇的魅力 Oriental 东方的 Confucianism 儒家思想 Taoism 道家学说 inexplicable 难以言表的 set foot on 踏上……的土地 cosmopolitan city 国际大都市 maximize 充分利用 in no time 不久 rewarding 有成效的 参观访问 第一篇 学位点degree program 国家级重点社科研究基地key social science research centers 博士后科学研究流动站post-doctoral research stations 国家级重点学科national key disciplines 两院院士academicians of the Chinese academy of science and the Chinese academy of engineering 网络教育online education 科举制imperial examination 日月光华,旦复旦兮brilliant are the sunlight and the moonlight after night the day dawns again 人文精神humanistic spirit 披荆斩棘,筚路蓝缕negotiate various impediment 博学而笃志,切问而近思extensive scholarship with unyielding dedication and earnest inquiry with close examination 治学态度educational philosophy 取精用弘的学术思想the academic ideology of extracting the best and exploiting the greatest 怀抱超旷的才隽学人graduates with brilliant scholarship 高等教育发展的重中之重priority among institutions of high learning 承前启后inherit fine tradition and usher in the future mission 精诚团结,共襄盛举strive together in good faith 文理工医科综合性大学 a comprehensive university with a complete range disciplines in liberal arts, science, engineering and medicine 全面提升知名度和影响力elevate influence and visibility in all dimensions 社会转型时期 a period of social transition 百年传承之名校 a prestigious university with a century-long academic tradition and intellectual esteem 第二篇 Vancouver 温哥华 Canada’s gateway to the pacific 加拿大通往太平洋的门户 The Panama Canal 巴拿马运河 Natural ice-free harbor 天然不冻港Manufactured goods 制成品 Lumber and paper milling 伐木、造纸 Oil refining 炼油 Metal fabricating 金属锻造 Printed matter 印刷 Real estate 房地产 Triple 增至3倍 Quadruple 增至4倍 Quintuple 增至5倍 High-rise office building 摩天办公楼Boutique 时装礼品店 Ethnic group 少数民族团体 Planetarium 天文馆 Aquarium 水族馆 Skating rink 溜冰场 Botanical garden 植物园 Conservatory of exotic plants 异国植物花房Maple tree 枫树 Sap 树液


威海景点路线 1、威海国际海水浴场免费 在火车站、汽车站乘12路汽车在威韩商城换7路车会员公寓站到达,也可乘12路车在信息工程学院下车北行1.5公里即到。国内一流的天然海水浴场,冬暖夏凉,滩缓沙细,水质清澈,松林环绕。花草、石雕点缀于岸边,令人新旷神怡。交通:从市区乘7、12路公交车可达。 2、威海环海路旅游风景区免费 从国际海水浴场开始沿海边一路前行是环海路,大部分路段车辆稀少,有沙滩,有峭壁,有山峰,有渔村,时间合适的话可以碰到回港的渔船。驾车慢行、骑车、徒步都是不错的选择,泡上一天的时间也值得,中午在长城饭店饮酒看海吃蟹,慢慢体会岂不快哉,环海路上的渔家小店也不错,绝对的生猛海鲜。在环海路上的海滨高尔夫球场,洞洞见海,锻炼观光两不误。在海水浴场东部有出租双人自行车的地方,可以骑自行车游环海路,需要体力哟。 3、威海的海滨公园:免费 在环海路最东端,在国际海水浴场乘7路车海港下车南行是海港旅游码头,那里有许多“韩国商品城”,旅游码头南就是幸福公园,幸福公园南隔1公里是威海公园(计划2年内在海边造公园连接两公园),紧连在一起的是悦海公园、再一河之隔是海上公园。绵延十多公里处处是景观,可以看海草房、古灯塔、远眺刘公岛。。。。 4、威海中央电视台大风车影视城门票40 从国际海水浴场向西2公里,是中央电视台威海大风车影视城,总占地面积464亩,是继河北涿州、江苏无锡之后,国内兴建的第三处大型影视外景之地。它可

分为三部分:一是儿童娱乐区,目前已建成骑士乐园、正门城堡、乡村俱乐部、大风车、少年高尔夫等景点,已于96年6月1日正式对外开放;二是《镜花缘》区,将用来拍摄中国古典名著《镜花缘》;三是配套服务区。加拿大千亩别墅群。它是度假区和加拿大合资兴建的,总占地面积1400亩,首期推出的三幢别具风格的样板楼,目前已面向海内外客商出租销售。每幢别墅占地1000平方米,由加拿大著名设计师设计,加拿大建筑师监督施工,全部装饰材料和设备均由加拿大和国外原装进口。 交通:从威海大世界(环翠楼公园门前)乘15路直达。离国际海水浴场很近,搭车很便宜。门票40元 5、威海刘公岛景区往返传票80,岛上自选购票 国际海水浴场乘7路车海港站下车,环海路东端海港旅游码头乘船前往,位于距威海市区以东2.1海里的威海湾口,东西长4.08公里,南北宽1.5公里,面积3.15平方公里,海岸线长14.95公里,最高峰旗顶山海拔153.5米。素有“不沉的战舰”之称。 刘公岛历史悠久,扼守京津门户,横踞海上,形成天然屏障,是扼守东陲海疆的军事重地。这里是中国近代第一支海军枣清政府北洋水师的诞生地,这里是中日甲午战争的古战场,著名的黄海海战就发生于此。如今,岛上已建立了中日甲午战争博物馆,收藏有大量有关珍贵文物。其中从海底打捞的水师巨型舰炮,重20多吨,为世界仅存。岛上有甲午海战期间功不可没的北洋水师铁码头和古炮台,有纪念甲午英烈的北洋水师忠魂碑,有展示中国兵器发展史的中华兵器馆,有保持原始植被的国家森林公园,有当年北洋海军的指挥机关北洋海军提督署,还有通过建筑、雕塑、绘画、影视等综合艺术手段展示甲午海战悲壮历史的甲午海战馆。 交通:威海旅游码头乘船20分钟即到,刘公岛每天11:00有一班去成山头、海驴岛的旅游船,18:00返回威海,全程票价100元,含一餐,淡季取消。 刘公岛轮渡时刻表威海进岛头班船间隔时间刘公岛出岛末班船月份7:008分钟18:007、87:3015分钟17:305、6、9、108:0020分钟17:003、4、118:3030分钟16:301、2、12门票:威海--刘公岛往返船票及上岛费50元。 6、威海成山头旅游景区门票60/80元 秦始皇称这里是“天之尽头”,位于荣成市龙须岛镇,距威海市区75公里。因地处成山山脉最东端而得名。成山头三面环海,一面接陆,与韩国隔海相望,相


上海高级口译第四版教材与第三版教材对比 上海英语高级口译证书考试项目系列教程(以下简称“高级教程”)第三版与2006年由上海外语教育出版社出版发行。第三版出版五年来,国际和国内局势发生了不少变化。与时俱进是口译工作的特点,作为英语口译证书考试项目系列教程,需要根据形势的变化对内容作必要地更新。为此,上海市高校浦东继续教育中心和上海外语口译证书考试委员会2010年决定组织修订英语高级口译证书考试项目系列教程,并于2011年推出第四版。 沪江小编发布了第四版教材的书讯(点击查看>>)后,大家都很关心教材的更新情况,这里,小编请到沪江网校的老师们在教材更新方面给大家做个详解。 《高级听力教程》: 从整体来看,《高级听力教程》是高级教程中改动幅度最大的教程。全书改动比例约为70%。主要体现在: 1. 新版听力教程更注重“实用性”。新版教程一个最大的特点是删除了旧版教材中“和考试题没有直接关系”的内容。旧版教材中有40%左右的内容是和考试题没有直接关系的,比如说听力理解题后的“T/F题”,“排序题”“outline填空题”“听力问答题”等。但旧版教材设置大量看似“与考试无关系”的题,其实用意是让学生完成从一般的英语听力理解到听译的过渡。这40%的内容难度在一般的听力理解题和听译阶段之间。考生认认真真学习完整套教材后,会发现自己的听力能力,听译能力在不知不觉中得到了实质性的提升。 新版教材删除了这40%的内容,取而代之的是与考试题型一致的材料,凸显了听力教程的实用性。新版教材根据听力考试题型设置板块和内容,使听力教程更具有针对性。考生如果能扎实学完整套听力教程,会发现自己在解答各种题型时会更熟练,同时听力能力和听译能力也有长足的进步。 2. 新版听力教程听力材料更新比例约为60%,新选听力材料更具“时代感”,同时也延续了旧版教材中“选材多样化”的特点。听力教程16个单元80篇课文中有48篇是新的。比如说第一单元增加了Single-sex Education, 第二单元增加了Increasing Juvenile Crime、Because You are a Lawyer、The Victim of a Crime, 第三单元增加了Mass Urbanization、Modern Life is Full of Nasty Noises、How is Urbanization Negatively Affecting Our Society?等等。这些新选的材料贴近生活,同时也很具有“时代感”。 《高级口译教程》 与旧版相比,新版《高级口译教程》全书的调整幅度有40%左右,主要体现在: 1. 50%左右的单元中课程内容有更新,新选课文“时代感”增强,语言口语化,内容更有趣。新版口译教程中,单元课程内容有更新的单元包括第2,第3,第5,第9,第12,第13,第14单元。调整内容主要是新选了1~2篇配套练习。新选的课文主要是近4年的会议致辞。比如说,第2单元新选的2篇课后练习英译中为2008年JK罗琳在哈佛大学的演讲,中译英为2009年杨洁篪在日内瓦外交与国际关系学院的演讲。第13单元新选的课文有2007年温家宝总理在新加坡国立大学的演讲,2010年温家宝在联大的题为《认识一个真实的中国》的演讲。